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Sychrosoft has supplied cost-effective, quality software products and services to the health sector, national and local government and many areas of commerce and industry for more than thirty years.

Software Products:

 IOTrak Automation Software  Cloud-1 - Personal information manager - keep all your tasks, notes, lists, events
     and deadlines all in one place. Structured topics. Full WYSIWYG wordprocessing.
     Share topics with others on your local network.

 Software Support Services  IOTrak Automation - task scheduler, situation monitor, access menus, access
     security and file control.

 IOTrak Automation Software  IOZap TCP/IP - data transfer client and server with automatic conversion to and      from HL7, XML, CSV and other file formats.

 IOTrak Automation Software  IOServer - bi-directional data transfer via RS232.

 IOTrak Automation Software  IOArchive - the simplest way to archive transaction files, log files or any historical
     data that needs to be organised for easy access.

 IOTrak Automation Software  IOEmail - automatic e-mailing system.

 IOTrak Automation Software  IOPrint - enables easy printer switching for DOS applications using LPT1.


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